VDI Welcomes Ukrainian Entrepreneurs

Startup Visa Program more accessible to those impacted by the War in Ukraine

The SUV Program is a Canadian Government initiative that provides Permanent Residency to international founders by partnering with organizations that support startups.

As part of our response to the crisis in Ukraine

VDI has created a special Startup Visa package to provide support to Ukrainian Founders who wish to develop innovative and scalable companies in Canada.

The package includes sponsorship to our Startup Visa Program, which allows founders to raise more than $250,000 in seed funding, and offers additional support from VDI’s innovation ecosystem to get their company off the ground in Canada.

The VDI Startup Visa aims to attract international entrepreneurs who are interested in developing their startups in Canada, provide founders with valuable mentorship and support, and to create jobs and economic growth in Canada’s digital economy.

Entering Canada's Startup Visa Program is easier than ever with the support of VDI. Get your application started today!