Startup Visa Program

The Canadian Launch-Pad for Global Entrepreneurs

The Startup Visa Program (SUV) is designed to draw international founders who wish to develop innovative, modern, and scalable companies in Canada. VDI offers a 12-week collaborative program that creates a path for global entrepreneurs by providing investment capital and specialized support services to launch their business ventures in North America.
Through our partnership with a designated organization, VDI simplifies the transition between incubation and Startup Visa applications.

Accelerate with the Right Support

Raise $250K+

Our team will match you with like-minded, passionate investors. Our startups consistently raise more than $250K in funding.


We train our founders on how to succeed quickly. Our program provides access to foreign markets through Canada’s Free Trade Agreements.

Operational Support

VDI will work closely with you to develop and implement operational plans. We provide 2+ years of support from Incubation through to launching in Canada.

Business Development

Our in-house team of financial analysts is committed to the growth of your startup. Together, we will construct your business plans using lean and agile methodologies.


VDI provides the opportunity to connect with industry experts who have been where you are. You'll get a glimpse of what it takes to reach the next level.

Elevate your Pitch

We provide a variety of solutions that help you prepare your pitch. Our team works closely with you to and ensure it is effective and persuasive.

Partner with CIAI

We partner with CIAI, a designated organization for the SUV Program and a member of the National Angel Capital Organization.

Immigrate to Canada

Upon completing incubation with VDI, you can apply for Permanent Residency in Canada under the Startup Visa Program.

Own a technology based business
Apply to VDI's Startup Visa Program
Pitch for a Letter Of Support from CIAI
Raise Funding and Submit SUV Application

We partner with CIAI

CIAI (Canadian International Angel Investors) is a designated Government of Canada Startup Visa organization and a member of NACO, the National Angel Capital Organization.

Letter of Support

When submitting your Startup Visa application to the IRCC, you must receive a letter of support from a designated organization that is approved to invest in startups. After completing the VDI's Startup Visa Program, you are provided the opportunity to pitch to the CIAI to obtain your Letter of Support.   

Join the Future of Startups

Become a part of our Global Network of Entrepreneurs


Startups Incubated




Capital Raised



Do you Qualify?

To qualify for VDI’s Startup Incubator Program your business must meet these criteria

To learn more about the Canadian Government Startup Visa Program and its eligibility requirements, click here.

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