Grade 8-12 Program​

An educational program designed for children from all age groups in Canada to unearth Entrepreneurial skills and add value to society.

Our goal is to set them up for success at a young age by supporting their potential. VDI focuses on raising Entrepreneurial kids, not kid Entrepreneurs!

We believe in preparing kids for long-term prosperity rather than focusing on quick wins or shallow profiteering. When they are ready to start a venture, should they choose, they will have everything they need to get going.

Your kid can be the next Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg. If they have the potential to be the next world-changing Entrepreneur, it is our responsibility to help them foster it with our Grade 8-12 Program.

Our Grade 8-12 Program teaches the skills required to be an Entrepreneur in a fun way that is educational and enlightening.

Our programs aims at enabling kids with abilities like:

These characteristics are not only useful in becoming an entrepreneur but also in developing a holistic personality.

Because we believe in raising Entrepreneurs from a young age.

Entrepreneurs at any stage of life can gain from the advice of a Coach or Mentor, especially at a young age. Our Mentors steer kids towards more inventive ideas and activities without necessarily telling them the answers. We introduce kids to Entrepreneurial role models to motivate them and make them realize that “If it’s possible for them it’s possible for me”.

We understand that ten-year-olds will not deal with supplier negotiations. Fifteen-year-olds will not employ a workforce. High school students would not create forecasts. Or will they?

We emphasize the ‘Now’ and focus on developing an Entrepreneurial personality that is inspiring for times to come. The rest will slot into place.

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